New Curling Stone Purchase Campaign

The Mankato Curling Club board recently voted to purchase new curling stones from Kays Curling in Scotland for the 2024-2025 season. This is needed for the club to fulfill its mission:

"To promote the sport of curling for all ages & abilities in a fun, social atmosphere while embracing our heritage and maintaining a tradition of excellence."

Why do we need new curling stones?

  • Current Brown and Blue Trefor stones are over 60 years old
  • They are pitted, below regulation weight, and not cored. This affects how the stones play and can lead to poor delivery form
  • They have been refurbished at least once
  • Trade in offer from Kays for each stone is about $45/stone or $3,600 for all 80 stones, indicating their poor quality

What kind of stones is the board buying?

  • Brand new curling stones with the main body of the stone manufactured from Ailsa Craig Common Green Granite, fitted with Kay’s New Ailsa Craig Blue Hone Granite Insert on side A and Side B – 2020/D Spec

What is the cost of the curling stones?

  • $870 per stone or $69,600 for 80 stones
  • Up to $50 per handle or $4,000 for 80 stones
  • $2,100 shipping
  • 11,300 incidentals (duties, taxes, engraving handles, etc.)
  • The total cost of 80 curling stones is projected to be $87,000

How will we pay for the curling stones?

  • Members, friends and sponsors will be asked to support this project
  • The board voted to use a portion of the equipment replacement fund, if needed
  • If more funds are raised than needed, the excess would go into the equipment replacement fund for future expenses (see frequently asked questions)

Timeline of the Campaign

  • The board voted to proceed with ordering the stones as soon as 25% of the cost was pledged
  • The first week of June, the board contacted some members to gauge support and get feedback
  • Support was great - $45,000 was pledged by a number of members
  • The down payment has been sent to reserve the rocks for fall 2024 delivery
  • We will spend the summer of 2024 raising and collecting funds for the stones

When do the funds have to be collected by?

  • We would like to have all funds collected by August 31, 2024 so we have the remaining 50% payment for the stones to be shipped

When would we receive the stones?

  • We hope to have them by October 2024

We have two different campaigns that will be used for raising the funds.

  1. A Rock Fund Capital Campaign geared toward members and friends
  2. An Adopt a Rock Campaign geared toward businesses

The Rock Fund Capital Campaign:

 Donor Level Donation Benefits  Rocks Purchased
Good Curling! Less than $250 Choice of MCC pin or car decal

Part of a rock

12-Foot $250-$499.99 MCC Short Sleeve T-shirt 1/4 to 1/2 rock
8-Foot $500-$1,499.99 MCC Long Sleeve T-shirt 1/2 to 1.5 rocks
4-Foot $1,500-$4,999.99 MCC Hooded Sweatshirt & engraving on 1 rock handle 1.5 to 5 rocks
Button $5,000-$13,999.99 MCC Vest & engraving on 3 rock handles 5 to 14 rocks
For the Love of the Game! $14,000 and over MCC Jacket & engraving on 8 rock handles 14 or more rocks

Notes about the Rock Fund Capital Campaign:

  • Each Level will be recognized on a donor-recognition plaque
  • Engraving on rock handles will be for the lifetime of the rock’s handle (guarantee 10 years)
  • 4-Foot donations: The lower limit of $1,500 will end on August 31, 2024. After that, the lower limit for the 4-Foot level will be $2,000
  • The Mankato Curling Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to this campaign in excess of the value of any benefits you receive may be tax-deductible
  • A donation receipt with the amount received and the fair value of benefits will be provided
    • Donors may choose to receive the benefit or donate it back to the club
  • The final content of the engraving is subject to board approval

The Adopt a Rock Campaign (starts in August 2024).

  • $900 – Personalized logo/wording on a rock’s handle for three years
    • After three years if you don’t renew (at the then current rate), we will replace the handle with a blank one or find a new sponsor
  • $2,000 – Personalized logo/wording for the lifetime of rock’s handle (guarantee 10 years)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Since the club has enough funds to pay for the whole project why is the board asking members to contribute nearly half the cost?
    1. Non-Profit best practice suggests six months of general reserves – about $50,000 for MCC
      1. This is to avoid the need to borrow on a line of credit
      2. Cushion for unexpected drops in revenue (Example: Pandemic)
    2. Past example of why we need Equipment Replacement Funds
      1. Chiller Repairs
      2. Chiller Replacement
      3. Floor Replacement
      4. Furnace Replacement/move
    3. Need Equipment Replacement funds
      1. Many of our equipment needs are large, “bunchy” costs
    4. Future possible needs for Equipment Replacement Funds
      1. RO Water System (scheduled with the city – waiting on quotes)
      2. Engineering Study (possible joint with city to gain some control)
      3. Dehumidification
      4. Scraper
      5. Nipper
  2. What will happen to the funds if we collect more than needed?
    1. The extra funds will be returned to the Equipment Replacement fund for future projects
    2. This money has been set aside in CD’s the past year earning 4.25% to 5%
  3. Is my donation tax deductible?
    1. Yes. In compliance with the IRS requirements, The Mankato Curling Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
    2. If you receive a gift for your donation, your gift is tax-deductible less the cost of the goods you received (i.e. cost of T-shirt). Engraving of handles is not considered goods received.


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