We will curl in Mankato in 2017!


We've talked to many of our members over the last several weeks.  Read on to view their FAQs. Please continue to check our site frequently for project status and updates.  For any additional questions or information please fee free to contact us !



My employer has matching funds.  Can these dollars count towards the match?     Yes! This is a great opportunity since the anonymous donor will match your donation and the corporate match.

When do we plan to have ice?     The target date is January 1, 2017. The City Council has instructed the City Manager to proceed with the purchase of equipment immediately so we can be up and running by January 1.

What are the plans for the floor?  Will they tear up the current floor?     A new concrete floor will be installed on top of the existing concrete slab, eliminating the cost of demolition and excavation. The plan is to install 2" rigid insulation with reinforced flexible tubing for chilled water system covered with a 4" to 5" concrete slab. The cost of the floor will be shared between the City and the Club.

Can we pay our dues and have that count as a contribution?     No. All contributions to be matched will be designated to the Capital Equipment Fund to reduce our debt upon completion. In 2017, we will need the dues to pay for our operating costs. Besides that, the IRS frowns on calling something a donation if you are receiving some product or service for the money. We can't jeopardize our 501(c)(3) tax deductible status.

Will we be in the same building?     Yes. There won't be any visible changes to the building in the next couple of years. But phase two of this project includes possible improvements such as insulation, dehumidification, dropped ceiling in the arena, lighting, and roof repair or replacement. Phase two is upgrades to a City owned building, financed wholly by the City.

Do you plan to have a wall of honor?  What will the levels be?     We haven't worked out the specifics, but there will definitely be some type of recognition of donors at the different levels. Levels include: On the Button for $5,000 or more, Four-Foot Circle for $1,000 to $4,999, Eight-Foot Circle for $500 to $999, Twelve-Foot Circle for $100 to $499, and The Perfect Guard for up to $99.

What steps have we taken to avoid ice plant issues in the future?     The city staff and the MCC board have agreed to implement a preventative maintenance program. The current plan is to have the city staff who currently maintain the ice equipment at the Verizon Center to check the Curling Club ice equipment in partnership with the MCC ice technicians. Also, the current Curling Club ice technicians have taken the courses needed for ice technician level I certification. This training included information on how to maintain an ice making system. After the new equipment is installed, plans are to certify the ice technicians to level II.

What debt will we still have if we raise the $200,000?     We will have approximately $77,300 in debt. The plan is to pay off the loan with Community Bank as soon as possible and carry only a loan with the City of Mankato.

What would the balloon payment be at the end of five years?     It depends on how much we raise during the current campaign. If we raise $200,000 by July 31, our balloon payment would be approximately $37,000. If we raise $100k,000 by July 31, our balloon payment would be approximately $110,000.

Will our dues increase?     The board members will be discussing this at our future meetings. Based on the survey conducted by the Minnesota State University, Mankato - Sports Management Department, most members are willing to pay more for dues. We need to make sure that our dues are covering our operating expenses. All future fund-raisers will go to building up a capital fund to insure we have curling in Mankato for another 100 years! The Board of the Mankato Curling Club is committed to providing members and the community an affordable recreational option.

When can we sign up for league curling?     Once the City has ordered the ice plant and scheduled the construction, the board will discuss league schedules and fees. We will send out information when it is available. Online registration will be available through the club web site.

When are the spiels?     The spiel dates will be determined over the next couple of months. The web site will be updated as the dates are set.

What can I do to help?     Of course, you can make a donation (or make a pledge) by July 31. You can encourage your friends and team members to donate. You can take part in our other fund-raising efforts. Check our web site for information about the upcoming Mankato Curling Club day at a Moon Dogs game. Watch for more information about the Brewfest to be held on October 1. These events aren't just another way to beg for money. They are really fun events that benefit the Curling Club. You can become familiar with our new web site. Sign into the members section (your user name is first name underscore last name - kim_rheaume). Then click "forgot password" and the system will help you set up. In the members section, check and correct your contact information. You can stay informed by reading your emails from the Curling Club and by checking the web site often.

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