The Mankato Curling Club, previously known as the Caledonia Curling Club, was originally organized in 1903. Since 1965, the organization has been housed at 600 Hope Street in Mankato Minnesota. This location consists of 5 sheets of dedicated curling ice, large viewing area and spiel (social) room.

Over the years, the Mankato Curling Club has grown into a strong and prestigious club. The club has been home to World Medalists, National and State Champions, yet we are still proud to provide a curling venue for curlers of all ages and experience levels. With a current adult membership numbering at approximately 200 and youth curling program of over 80, we are looking at a bright and prosperous future.

Currently, the Mankato Curling Club offers league play 5 nights a week during our October through April season, with our juniors meeting weekly. Additionally, the club hosts four annual spiels (tournaments) during the season. The tradition of hosting spiels began in the 1960’s at the Mankato Curling Club and has drawn several local and out of town teams to the events.

Along with leagues and spiels, the Mankato Curling Club is used by several groups, clubs, schools, organizations and individuals who rent the club to learn to curl, team building events and school physical education programs. These rentals bring hundreds of people of all ages into the Mankato Curling Club.

The Mankato Curling Club has a reputation of hospitality and was chosen to host their first National Championship in 2004. Over the last 10 years, the club has hosted 5 National Championship Events, a National Challenge Round, and an Olympic Team Trial Challenge Round. While the Mankato Curling Club is proud to host these events, we take great pride in bringing the sport of curling and its value to the greater Mankato area.

Club History

In February of 1903 a paper was circulated among some men in Mankato asking who would be interested in forming a curling club.  This was followed by a meeting on September 12th, 1903 at which time a constitution and by-laws were drawn up.  The rest is history.


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17 Jan 2018 : 06:30PM - 10:00PM
League- Open Competative
18 Jan 2018 : 12:00PM - 03:00PM
J Forster Rental
18 Jan 2018 : 06:30PM - 10:00PM
League- Open
19 Jan 2018 : 06:30PM - 08:30PM
Learn to Curl- Community Ed
20 Jan 2018 : 10:00AM - 12:00AM
Learn to Curl- Community Ed
21 Jan 2018 : 04:30PM - 08:30PM
League- Open
22 Jan 2018 : 02:30PM - 05:00PM
MSU Sports Management - tentative
22 Jan 2018 : 06:30PM - 10:00PM
League- Men's
23 Jan 2018 : 05:30PM - 08:00PM
24 Jan 2018 : 12:00PM - 02:30PM
Mt. Olive Lutheran School Grade 5

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